News Flash: Republic of Marshall Islands vanishes! Disappearance of island mini-state under investigation!

Reports of the disappearance of the RMI are reaching every corner of the globe.   Satellite images indicate the RMI has vanished, and is now almost completely invisible from space!

Some believe it might be due to sudden sea level rise in mid-Pacific, caused by global warming.   But observers in Washington, Tokyo, and sources from the geographic area where the RMI used to be located, have reported there is a political rather than scientific explanation for the sudden disappearance of the RMI. 

“What has happened is that Foreign Minster deBrum has in effect reduced the Republic of the Marshall Islands to a political subdivision of the Kwajalein Atoll restored feudal monarchy.   The RMI has disappeared, virtually vanished, and all that remains is Kwajalein’s feudal kingdom.   The problem is that King Kabua’s empire exists more in his mind than in the real world.  Even Tony deBrum said he was suffering from mental weakness when Kabua let the cat out of the bag about Tony’s plan to dump Taiwan for PRC.” 

Democratic constitutional government to serve all the people of the RMI has been suspended, while deBrum acts on behalf of the RMI in name only, trying to make the richest man in the RMI, “King” Imata Kabua, even richer.  There is a lot of pressure on Tony deBrum because he needs the U.S. to pay more to Kabua in the name of the landowners, to keep Imata Kabua happy, so he will let Tony keep his seat in parliament.  You see, Imata is broke and spent all the millions he already got by hoarding the land use payments of the last 15 years for himself.

As the mastermind of the current ruling regime under a figure head president, Tony’s big showdown with the U.S. backfired.  Surprise, guess what?  The U.S. does not cave in to blackmail if it can avoid it, and in this case it can.  So now Imata has lost his stomach for threats to kick the U.S. out because his $20 million in escrow will go with it.   Imata just wants that $20 million escrow money, and no one believes Tony when he pretends it is an insult.  We all  know their greed is burning in their hearts and they want the money so bad it hurts.  

So now DeBrum acts like he is holding out for OTEC, as if a Land Use Agreement -for-OTEC deal is for real, and MIJ’s Giff Johnson puts out that propaganda as if it is true.  MIJ and Giff have become the public information ministry for these guys!

But OTEC is old wine that Tony is trying to put in new bottles.   No one is fooled by this farce, this pretending.   Not about OTEC or anything else about this administration.

Let’s be honest, as the King of Kwajalein under traditional customs for private land ownership, Imata gave Tony deBrum a seat in parliament, and when UDP won the election but forfeited the government, Tony formed a coalition with weak Speaker Tomeing and made him weak President Tomeing, most recently seen smiling on a cheap bicycle given to him by the Taiwanese.

So now Tony runs RMI national constitutional government for King Kabua, to serve his master, at least that is what Imata thinks, but who is the master?   Tony is the one filling the government with his young protégés, so he will be able to run the RMI even after he leaves office, just in case there is a no confidence vote, which there will be sooner or later.   Tony will fill the government with those who owe their big break to him, and he will be de facto shadow prime minister, he wants to be the Putin of RMI.

Tony’s first move to make King Kabua think he is being loyal to Kabua was to derail every successful effort of past administration, even if it hurt the people of the RMI.  Then he made Kwajalein-Kwajalein-Kwajalein the only priority.   It looks like a little OTEC feasibility study may be all he can get.

But once Imata has his escrow money and maybe even after a vote of no confidence, Tony will show his true colors.   He thinks PRC and Taiwan and whoever else will make it worth his while are better allies than USA, and we all know that about him, don’t we?  

So all those young guys riding Tony’s coattails and hitching themselves to his star better be careful, because if he goes down you may go down with him.  Or, you might survive, he might survive, but eventually he will come around to collect on what you owe him, and that is when you better watch out.  Because the price you will pay for selling your soul may be to become one of Tony’s agents in brinbing free association with the USA to an end, and becoming part of the Chinese political culture, which is not just about eating the food.

The U.S. might be more willing to end free association that Imata and Tony think.  Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

Anyway, welcome to the brave new world of Tony deBrum, the genius who can wrap himself in the old ways to charm you, then become a sharp tongued serpent in the language of his foreign adversaries, and his new secret masters.   Welcome to the greater Kwajalein co-prosperity sphere, where there in everything but co-prosperity. 

Yes, the Republic of the Marshall Islands has vanished, disappeared, become a political subdivision of the greater Kwajalein co-prosperity sphere.   Kwajalein used to be a political subdivision of the RMI, but that has changed.   Since the RMI government has been taken over by those who serve the King of Kwajalein, there has been an inversion of governing process, and the RMI is the political subdivision.  

As a result, the needs to the rest of the RMI will be met only after the Kwajalein needs are taken care of first.    That is why the Kwajalein member of parliament who serves as Foreign Minister is making more U.S. land payments to the King he serves the highest priority of the virtual “Kwajalein National Government” that now controls RMI.  

Since it was not going well just demanding more money for the King, Foreign Minister Tony deBrum is now saying a U.S. agreement to study the OTEC concept is enough to get a land use agreement signed.   That way the $20 million in escrow account payments will go to the King.   Tony says that amount is an “insult,”   but it seems like the King will accept it anyway.

So in the end America will get what it bargained for in the RMI.   A little OTEC and the U.S. has its way with Tony deBrum, Imata Kabua, the rest of the Kava Club cronies.   So Tony deBrum and the High Chief are not making the RMI the “Mouse that Roared,”  they are more like the sharks with no teeth!



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