A Silent Coup in Majuro? Feudal Order Being Restored in RMI?

In the August 8 edition of the MIJ, RMI Foreign Minister Tony deBrum is quoted stating that the RMI national government policy on implementation of treaties governing U.S. base rights at Kwajalein is not being determined by the elected leadership of the nation through the constitutional process.  Instead, deBrum stated that RMI policy is being dictated by the same feudal lords of Kwajalein who gave deBrum land rights so he could run for national government office from Kwajalein.     

Specifically, deBrum stated that the Tomeing administration will base its policy on Kwajalein on the “8-Point Declaration of Demands” made by the Kwajalein High Chief and the titled landowner chiefs of Kwajalein.  In Tony’s own words about the landowner leaders and their role in controlling RMI policy, deBrum said:  “If they see movement both on the U.S. and RMI side, they will give us instructions to go talk to the U.S. government.”

This confirms that the RMI national government’s highest priority in dealing with the U.S. government is to get what the Kwajalein chiefs want as landowners, no matter what the cost is to the RMI as a nation.  It also confirms that the high chiefs under the feudal landownership system are giving the orders to Tomeing and deBrum, and that deBrum looks to High Chief Imata Kabua for his “instructions” instead of the President and Cabinet.   Has the Cabinet agreed to take its order from “King Kabua” too?

All these RMI officials took oaths of office to uphold the RMI Constitution, which recognizes traditional landowner rights, but does not give the landowners political control of national policy.   Because deBrum has confessed he is in de facto control of the feudal lords and answers to them instead of the people, it appears that deBrum and the chiefs have pulled off a silent coup and taken over the RMI national government.

By installing a weak President and giving the Foreign Ministry to Tony deBrum, who owes his seat to Imata Kabua, have the feudal lords of the RMI hijacked the national government of the RMI to make it nothing more than a lobbying project to get them more money?   Are the people of the RMI still able to exercise their sovereignty through the constitutional process if the Foreign Minster acts on behalf of his feudal masters from one atoll instead of the national as a whole?   Is OTEC for Kwaj really more important than the overall RMI-U.S. bilateral agenda?

By selling his soul to Kabua in order to get his seat in parliament, then to get the Foreign Minister’s post, has Tony in effect put “King Kabua” in control of the RMI, even though Kabua was not elected by the people?     We know Kabua was not the mastermind of this silent coup to restore feudalism in the RMI.   Clearly, Tony has used Kabua to put himself back in power, and now he is making the RMI people pay the price of his deal with Kabua, by making enrichment of Kabua the RMI national priority.

Think about it…




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